Business and Biodiversity

Why get involved?

We have several business partners at present who have chosen to demonstrate their sense of environmental and community responsibility by becoming partners of the Essex Biodiversity Project. Some of the benefits that these companies gain from their association with the Essex Biodiversity Project include:

  • a raised profile within the conservation community
  • increased publicity and media attention through supporting our high-profile projects
  • access to technical expertise and knowledge
  • opportunities for staff to get involved in volunteering on projects

Society can no longer afford to ignore the environmental issues that face us today. Every day on television and in the newspapers we hear about the problems of climate change and the decline in biodiversity worldwide created by threats such as habitat loss, alien invasive species and pollution.
The business sector has a vital role to play by being a part of the solution to the decline in biodiversity. Society's interaction with biodiversity indicates whether our economic and social development is sustainable.  The fact that so many of our species and habitats are under threat indicates that we have the balance wrong and that our current development is not sustainable.
On 1 October 2006, new legislation came into force which put a new biodiversity duty on all public bodies, so that all public sector bodies, from Local Government to the Police and the BBC, will have to consider biodiversity in the work they do. This legislation falls under Section 40 of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006. There is no better way for public bodies in Essex to show their commitment to biodiversity than by joining the Essex Biodiversity Project as a funding partner and taking advantage of the advice which we can offer to you to make a difference for biodiversity.

Whatever your business, please support us by contributing financially or offering resources. By joining the Essex Biodiversity Project, you can help to protect the biodiversity of Essex and provide increased education opportunities for your organisation. Your colleagues can increase their skill base by taking part in practical projects, and the profile of your organisation can be raised through our website and other media outlets.

Miranda Davis, of Essex and Suffolk Water which is a funding partner of the Project said:
"It is great to be part of the Essex Biodiversity Project because it brings together local people and organisations with a common interest in, and enthusiasm for, helping Essex biodiversity and enhancing our local environment. Our involvement means we have access to advice from experts in the field and we can work together to meet our biodiversity targets.

No matter what your business, you can play your part too by joining the Essex Biodiversity Project. What better way to enthuse staff than by getting them out and about and involved in projects to improve our local environment? "

Suggestions as to how you can benefit your business and biodiversity in Essex:

  • Consider joining Essex Biodiversity Project as a partner.
  • Find out what animals and plants you have at your premises
  • Take steps to enhance the habitat for those species
  • Talk to your staff about biodiversity and the role they could play, either within your business or in the wider community
  • Inform your clients of your awareness of, and commitment to, biodiversity and sustainable development
  • Develop a Company Biodiversity Action Plan - this could be of great assistance in achieving biodiversity targets at the county level
  • Integrate biodiversity into existing environmental management systems

What Essex Biodiversity Project offers

Essex Biodiversity Project combines expertise, resources and goodwill to give great opportunities to benefit both biodiversity and businesses in Essex. Even if it appears that your business has no direct impact on biodiversity, there are sound reasons why it should be taken into account in decision-making. These include the need to comply with environmental regulations, public and peer pressure, and the opportunities for competitive advantage and enhanced customer reputation.

Essex Biodiversity Project has two full-time staff in the county. Mark Iley is the Biodiversity Coordinator, working to focus the efforts of all the partners. Rebecca Banks is the Biodiversity Project Officer, assisting partners with the implementation and monitoring of practical projects.
Integrating biodiversity thinking into any organisation is a challenge, so if your business would like more information on the work of Essex Biodiversity Project and how your business could benefit, please contact the coordinator of the Essex Biodiversity Project, Mark Iley.