FAQs for planners

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked planning-related biodiversity questions.

1. Which species and habitats does the Essex Biodiversity Action Plan cover?
To find out those species and habitats covered by the Essex Biodiversity Action Plan and to read the Action Plans visit our 'Essex Biodiversity Action Plan 2011' section. The Action Plans can be downloaded in PDF format.

2. Which species and habitats does the UK Biodiversity Action Plan cover?
Visit the UK Biodiversity Website at www.ukbap.org.uk to find out those species and habitats regarded as national priorities and to to see their Action Plans.

3. Who should I contact for biological records?

There are Two organisations operating  Biological Record Centres for Essex. 

Essex Wildlife Trust Biological Records Centre -



Essex Field Club  -



4. Protected Species.

A very complex area of planning and wildlife legislation. Start with the section within our guide "Integrating Biodiversity into Development"  - Protected Species in Essex .  For more authoritative guidance see the Natural England website - European Protected Species Licensing

Other FAQs?

Have a look at Natural England's advice on Protected Species - https://www.gov.uk/guidance/protected-species-and-sites-how-to-review-planning-proposals

For individual species just ask the question in your favourite search engine.

Other Information

Spatial Planning and Green Infrastructure

The Government that offers a range of advice on Planning and Green Infrastructure. The relevant page can be found at


Natural England’s Green Infrastructure Guide