Publications and Leaflets

Over the years Essex Biodiversity Project has produced a wide range of leaflets and publications on topics related to its work. Many of these are listed on other pages within this website, and some are no longer available in print, but still contain relevant information, and all can be downloaded from this page. 

Species Information

Bees PDF 398KB

Birds PDF 523KB

Brown Hare PDF 350KB

Cetaceans Sightings Card PDF 264KB

Crayfish PDF 613KB

Essex Apple varieties PDF 111KB

Great Crested Newt PDF 298KB

Harbour Porpoise Survey Card PDF 287KB

Otter Poster PDF 166KB

Otter Holt Log Pile PDF 2850KB

Sea Hogs Fennel PDF 212KB

Allis Shad and Twaite Shad PDF 504KB


Hedgerows PDF 1.6MB

Old Orchards in Essex including survey card PDF 294KB

Other Publications

Accessible Natural Greenspace (by Essex Wildlife Trust) PDF 743KB

Integrating Biodiversity into Development (Guide for town planners)  Home page

Living Landscapes Map PDF 1MB

Local Wildlife Sites Leaflet PDF 579KB

Roadside Verges Leaflet PDF 668KB

Why Record? (How to make biological records) PDF 128KB