Species and Habitats Information

The pages within this section each give information that relates to the species and habitats which are of concern to the Biodiversity Action Plan. Each species page will help to identify the species concerned and sets out facts about its ecology and relevant information. Where Essex Biodiversity Project has carried out work to help the species or habitat some details are given. The habitat pages describe the characteristics of each habitat and give links to further information. This is not an exhaustive list of the species and habitats present in Essex, nor of the work of the Project, but indicates the general scope of our work . Please explore the links in this section to find out more.

Note that this section of the website is not concerned with the law on protected species, but rather their identification and ecology. For protected species details see the section of our guide - "Integrating Biodiversity into Development " - Protected Species in Essex . The complete guide can be accessed from our "Planning and Development " section.