Habitat Characteristics - Hedgerows are complex habitats providing elements of woodland edge, scrub and grassland, and the trees, banks and ditches associated with the hedge add to this complexity. This variety provides shelter, food and corridors for a large number of plant and animal species, and hedgerows are critical for the survival of a great deal of our wildlife. Hedges are an important element at landscape scale.

Further Information -

The Essex Biodiversity Project has published a leaflet with advice on how to manage and restore existing hedgerows, and how to plant new hedgerows. Download the Hedgerow Leaflet (PDF 2.0MB).

Hedgelink -  www.hedgelink.org.uk is a partnership that brings together those who are interested in hedgerows to share knowledge and ideas, and has a particular responsibility to deliver the UK Biodiversity Action Plan for Hedgerows. The website has downloadable leaflets on Hedgerow planting, Hedgerow Trees and Hedge Cutting.

Natural England - a set of leaflets are available from Natural England which were published in April 2008 about hedgerows. Click on the name to download leaflets

Hedgerow planting - answers to 18 common questions (PDF 646 KB)

Hedgerow trees - answers to 18 common questions (PDF 690 KB)